Academic Journal of the Middle East is a semi-annual peer reviewed journal focusing on original studies related to Middle Eastern society, politics, economics and history. Academic Journal of the  Middle East is aimed at becoming a pioneer in printing oringinal studies that enlighten all aspects regaring the Middle East.

Middle East is a region where perpetual problems have global and local impacts. In this regard, there is absence of such literature in Turkey. The editorial board of Academic Journal of the Middle East found it necessary to publish an academic journal in order to draw attention in Middle East region amongst academicians/researchers. The major goal of Academic Journal of the Middle East is to analyze all aspects of the region such as the history, ethnic composition, geography, resources, religious composition and the region’s interaction with major powers and developments in the region with the contribution of national and international researchers.

Working towards its goals, Academic Journal of the Middle East considers being a credible academic journal in national and international arena a very important step. For that reason, Academic Journal of the Middle East welcomes academical articles, case studies and book reviews from authors.

Academic Journal of the Middle East was first published in 2006 by editors Dr. Türel Yılmaz (Professor of Internationl Relations, Gazi University, Ankara, Turkey), Dr. Mehmet Şahin (Associate Professor of International Relations, Gazi University, Ankara, Turkey) and a number of prominent researchers from the Turkish academia. Academic Journal of the  Middle East has published articles on Shi’i Geopolitics, The True Understanding of Karbala, Is Sustainable Peace for Palestine Possible?, İslamic Fundementalism, A Forgotton Community in Iran: Sahara Turcomans and many more articles and book reviews on issues concerning the Middle East.